Seminee Seminee pe pelet

Semineele pe peleti - o solutie moderna si eficienta

 Semineul pe peleti reprezinta o solutie moderna si eficienta din punct de vedere al consumului de combustibil.

Distributia aerului în insertia pe peleti garanteaza o combustie optima, o flacara în mod constant vie si temperaturi ridicate, pentru a încalzi ambiente chiar si de mari dimensiuni.

Semineu pe peleti - Modelul CLAM PRATICO SMALL

Semineu pe peleti - Modelul Pellbox SCF 

The Pratico family is improved with the SMALL+ version, with a reduced depth that, together with the Full System and the double pellet loading system, further enhances its incomparable functionality.

  • New advanced Full System electronic control.
  • Two branch ducting with "Eolo" vents operated directly by the control unit.
  • Reduced depth for better placement in existing fireplaces.
  • Wide range of accessories.


Heat input (min / max) 4 / 9 kW
Nominal heat output (min / max) 3.5 / 7.5 kW
Efficiency max 90.5 %
Fuel type Wood Pellet
Pellet hopper capacity 8 kg
Mass of fuel hourly (min / max) 0.7 / 1.9 Kg/h *
Autonomy (min / max) 4 / 11 h *
Heatable volume (min / max) 100 / 210 m3 **
Heatable surface (min / max) 35 / 75 m2 ***
Diameter of smoke outlet pipe Ø 80 mm
Hot air outlet Front and n°2 Ø 80 mm with optional

* The mass of fuel and autonomy may vary according to the type and size of the pellet used | ** Considering an average calorific requirement of 35 W per m3 | *** Considering an average height of rooms of 2,8 m 

CertificatoMeasured values determined according to EN 14785:2006

(Residential space heating appliances fired by wood pellets - Requirements and test methods) by the Laboratory IMQ Primacontrol. Test Report CPD-12-013.


Front 730 mm
Height 515 mm
Depth 530 mm
Weight 120 kg


 Semineu pe peleti - Modelul CLAM 2

Semineu pe peleti - Modelul Pellbox SCN










Semineu pe peleti - Modelul CLAM 1

Semineu pe peleti - Modelul Pellbox SCN